Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Building spaces that enhance the environment and the community.

A well-designed neighbourhood adds a lot of significance to the livability and economic value. We do that by valuing the ecology of the site to make it a lasting one.

We deliver solutions in landscape design and urban design and blend concepts of ecological design, sustainable urbanism to build communities that thrive.

Our Abilities

Ecology is co-dependent. We assess these patterns to improve and revive the ecological processes within the subject site.

We turn concept ideas into crafted designs for construction. Working closely with the client helps us create able spaces within a set budget. 

Outdoor areas are crucial in defining a place. We design the outdoor landscape for a range of settings to create community spaces that thrive. 

We are equipped to identify large scale strategic developments in urban and rural settings and develop a holistic plan that’s feasible  for overall benefit. 

We help in assessing and mitigating potential landscape effects and visual impact within a site by supporting applications with apt visual simulations and expertise in landscape design. 

A large portion of our work is focused on feasibility studies to ensure that the subsequent processes have limited unknowns.

Kia Ora

We are a planning and design firm

We facilitate projects around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch through our services in Urban Planning, Landscape Design and Urban Design. Our strategies in work include suggesting sustainable design solutions for overall profitable outcome.

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